Ketevan Gogilashvili

Ketevan Gogilashvili


Ketevan Gogilashvili is a graduate of Tbilisi State Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry. From 1988 through 2010, she held different academic and administrative positions at the State Medical University, making her way from lab assistant to full professor, Dean of the Dental Faculty, and Head of the Dissertation Council. In 2010 she moved to Illia State University as a full professor and continued her teaching and research activities there until 2018. In June 2018 she became a full professor at I. Javakhishvili State University, Department of Dentistry.

At different times Ketevan Gogilashvili was an exchange scholar at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse (France), University of the Mediterranean, Marseille (France), Universities of Paris – Paris 6, Paris 8 (France), Karlsruhe University Hospital (Germany) Hacettepe University (Turkey), Baskent University Hospital (Turkey), Essen University Hospital (Scotland). Centre for Medical Education at University of Edinburg (Scotland), Department of Periodontology at Roma Sapienza University (Italy), University Hospital Rijeka (Croatia). “Learning Dental Status among Children with Sepsis” was a research topic of her dissertation for Candidate of Medical Science degree (1994), and “Epidemiologic, genetic and microbiologic aspects of carries” was a topic for her Doctoral dissertation in 2002.

In 2006, Ketevan founded a private dental clinic Cedex together with her associate, and served as its Clinical Manager until 2013. In 2014, she withdrew from Cedex and founded a new company – Ltd. Ketevan Gogilashvili Dental Center ‘Albius’ with clinical and educational profiles, where she also holds a job of Clinical Manager, and leads post-graduate programs.

Professional Membership

Ketevan is the President of Georgian Dental Association since 2014; she served as the Vice-President of the same organization in 2006-2014. Her professional membership and activities also include:

  • Parliamentary delegate of the World Dental Federation (FDI) since 1999;
  • World Dental Federation’s (FDI) women council (since 2016);
  • Professional Development Sectoral Council at Georgia’s National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (EQE) (since 2015);
  • Facilitator of Professional and Higher Sectoral Council Capacity Building Program (2015-2016);
  • Co-chair of the organizational committee of international congress of the Georgian Dental Association (2005-2014) and chair (from 2014);
  • Editor-in-Chief of Dental magazine “GSAnews” (since 2016).
  • Author of national clinical manual in conservative dentistry, approved by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia (since 2010);
  • Speaker at the World Dental Federation (FDI) congresses: in New York (US), Montreal (Canada), Vienna (Austria), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Stockholm (Sweden), Singapore, Salvador (Brazil), Istanbul (Turkey), Bangkok (Thailand), Poznan (Poland), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy), International Congress of Periodontlogy EuroPerio 8 London (England) and EuroPerio 9 (Amsterdam).
  • (ADA) – American Dental Association (since 2009);
  • Pierre Fauchard International Academy (since 2009);
  • European Regional Organization of the FDI World Dental Federation (FDI-ERO) (since 2003);
  • Charity organization „International Association of Lions Club” (since 2005);
  • Georgian Dental Association (since 2005).

She is the author of 104 scientific works and 7 textbooks for students, post-graduates and practitioner doctors. These are:

  • Children’s and Youth Endodontics: Textbook. Author. Turkey, “IMAK”, 2017. -544pg. – ISBN: 978-994 1-0-9667-9.
  • Basic and Clinical Periodontology. Part I: Textbook. Author, – Turkey, “IMAK”, 2016. -218pg. – ISBN: 978-994 1-0-8617-5 (of all parts), ISBN: 978-994 1-0-8618-2 (of Part 1).
  • Dental Assistant’s Manual: Aauthor, National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. 2016.-47pg.
  • Oral Hygiene Manual: Textbook. Author. National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. 2016.-265pg.
  • Basics of Endodontics: Textbook. Co-author. – Tbilisi, Ltd “Cezanne”, 2009. – 255pg.. – ISBN: 978-9941-0-1088-0
  • Basic and Clinical Endodontics: Textbook. Author. – Tbilisi, Siesta, 2012. – 406pg.. – ISBN: 978-9941-414-75-6
  • Dental Radiography Principles and Radiation Protection in Dentistry. Author. Turkey, “IMAK”, 2018. -180pg. – ISBN: 978-994 1-0-9667-9.

Awards and honors:

  • 2010 – Golden Award for Contribution to Development of dentistry, presented by international organization (ABI).
  • 2013 – honorary membership status awarded by Scientific Research Center Radix.