Non-registered union “Georgian National Dental Consortium” has been established by Georgian Dental Association.

The union is comprised of the following organizations:
Non-commercial Legal Entity “Georgian Dental Association“ (represented by Ketevan Gogilashvili)
Non-commercial Legal Entity „Georgian Dental and  Jaw Surgery Association“ (represented by Zurab Chichua)
Non-commercial Legal Entity „Georgian Implantological Association” (represented by Vladimer Margvelashvili)
Non-commercial Legal Entity „Scientific-Research Center  Radix“ (represented by Nino Gvasalia)
Non-commercial Legal Entity „Georgian Association of Periodontology (represented by Lali Kochiashvili)
Non-commercial Legal Entity „Georgian Young Dentists Society“ (represented by Ana Gibishvili)
Non-commercial Legal Entity “Georgian Prosthodontic  Union“  (represented by Levan Pertenava)
The full title of the union in English is Georgian National Dental Consortium.

The union aims at supporting improvement of dental services for Georgian population, development of practical dentistry. To achieve this, the union aims at:

  • Sharing experience of the world’s leading countries in clinical and experimental dentistry;
  • Coordinating the members of the union with the international organizations for supporting business and scientific relations and further cooperation;
  • Connecting networks with foreign dental associations and canters for exchanging scientific information and preparing medical staff;
  • Organizing scientific researches of fundamental and practical importance and their further support in dentistry;
  • Organizing thematic and semi-profile scientific-practical conferences;
  • Organizing international dental congresses, conferences, meetings.
  • Informing the members of the union about the international forums, supporting their participation in congresses and conferences overseas;
  • Protection of the rights of the dentists whenever needed;
  • Publication of periodic scientific-practical magazines;
  • Fulfilling the duties of the doctors’ professional associations defined under the Law of Georgia on Medical Practice and Law of Georgia on Higher Education.

FDI – World Dental Federation

FDI World Dental Federation serves as the principal representative body for more than one million dentists worldwide, developing health policy and continuing education programmes, speaking as a unified voice for dentistry in international advocacy and supporting member associations in global oral health promotion activities.

FDI is the leading global body committed to oral health and develops educational programmes, awareness campaigns, congresses and initiatives aimed at progressing the field of dentistry. It also advocates for oral health to be prioritized in global health and development agendas and pushes for their integration in chronic disease prevention programmes.

FDI membership comprises some 200 member dental associations in about 130 countries. It works at national and international level through its own activities and those of its member dental associations. It is in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) and is a member of the World Health Professions Alliance WHPA.

FDI was founded in Paris in 1900 and its headquarters are currently located in Geneva, Switzerland.

FDI’s mission is to:

  • be the worldwide, authoritative and independent voice of the dental profession
  • promote optimal oral and general health for all people
  • support the member associations in enhancing the ability of their members to provide oral care to the public
  • advance and promote the ethics, art, science and practice of dentistry

ERO – European Regional Organisation of the Fédération Dentaire Internationale

The European Regional Organization of the FDI World Dental Federation is a non-profit association established in accordance with the FDI Constitution, registered in the Swiss Canton of Geneva. It associates member organizations of the FDI from the European Geographical Area.

The beginnings of ERO date back to 1955 when a Special Commission for European Cooperation was established as response to the request of some European member associations of the FDI. In 1964 the FDI General Assembly adopted a resolution founding the European Regional Organization within FDI. ERO was the first regional organization of the FDI and thus served as model for the other regional organizations.

In 2011 ERO counts member associations from 37 countries and has fixed as goal to help dental associations from all 53 European countries (WHO European Region) to join ERO

n 1998, Georgian Dental Association became the associated member of the World Dental Federation (FDI) in Barcelona, Spain, in 1999 it became the regular member in Mexico. Since 2001, it has been the regular member of the European Regional Organization (ERO) of World Dental Federation (FDI).