How Harmful are Energy Drinks for Your Teeth?

Energy drinks become increasingly popular,particularly in young people. But not everyone is aware how harmful they can befor teeth.

In the last years more and more sportsmenuse sports and energy drinks. Besides improving their performance, athletesconsider it to be “healthier” than normal soda and fizzy drinks. Consequentlythey use it on daily basis. In fact, energy drinks can cause 3 times moredamage of teeth than other fizzy drinks.

The reality is that sports and energydrinks are highly acidic. While they can really energize and provide apick-me-up during a long working day, their everyday use can damage your teethin the long run.

Sports drinks were made tokeep your body hydrated and energized during an intense exercise. Whilethey may be beneficial during a good workout, these drinks should never take the place of waterand should not be consumed casually or on a daily basis. Regularly consumingfood or drink with high acidity levels wears away your tooth enamel. Thismakes teeth more susceptible to cavities, tooth discoloration, and sensitivity.

Energy and sports drinks containing sugar launch a twofoldattack on your teeth: while acid weakens the enamel,sugar feeds cavity-causing bacteria and contributes to decay. Sugar-free optionsare also available but the majority of these types of drinks are chock full ofsugar. Unfortunately, even the sugar-free versions are still as acidic as theirsweet counterparts.

Consuming sports and energydrinks here are some tips to protect your teeth:

1. Don’t make it a dailyhabit. Drink sports drinksonly during high intensity workouts.

2. Drink it all at once instead of sipping throughout the day.

3. Rinse out your mouthor chew sugarless gum afterward. This will help increase saliva production and counteractacidity.