Women’s Health in Healthy Universe – International Women’s Forum

Women’s Health in Healthy Universe

From Research to Practical Applications


On July 5-6, 2019, the World Women’s Forum – “Woman’s Health in the Healthy Universe”- will be held in the framework of the 15th International Congress of the Georgian Dental Association in Georgia’s seaside resort of Batumi.

The forum will bring together representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), presidents of medical associations, leading professionals and distinguished members of the world dental community.  Honorable guests and organizers of the forum  include but is not limited to President of the World Dental Federation (FDI) Kathryn Kell (US), former Presidents of the FDI – Michele Aerden (Belgium, 2005-2007) and Tin Chun Wong (Hong Kong, 2013-2015), ERO-FDI President – Anna Lella (Poland);  FDI’s Women Dentists Worldwide president Vesna Barac Furtinger (Croatia) and Georgian Dental Association President Ketevan Gogilashvili (Georgia).

Honorary guest, Georgia’s President Salome Zourabichvili will open the event.

Key speeches and presentations include

  • How Can Women Use Political and Economic Influence to Obtain their Advocacy Goals
  • From haute couture to FDI world dental fédération Presidency
  • Prevention is the Key
  • How to Prevent Burnout
  • Aesthetic Perceptions on Clinical Outcomes.. Does it Matter for Gender?
  • Women’s Oral Health And Overall Health -Health Issues Specific to Women’s Health
  • The Physical Side of Stress in women
  • Oral Health and Oral Contraceptive – Is it Shadow behind Broad Day Light
  • Aesthetic perceptions on clinical outcomes. Does it matter for gender?
  • Oral health through all life phases. Journey from the pregnancy to the elderly
  • Heart Disease and oral health
  • Breast Cancer, Ovarian and Cervical Cancer, Gynecological Health and oral health
  • Oral Health Problems caused by Autoimmune Diseases
  • Health Problems caused by poor oral Hygiene
  • Depression and Anxiety–influence on women’s health
  • Health Technologies Role for Women
  • Common Reproductive Health Concerns for Women
  • Immigrant Women’s Health: Problems and Solutions
  • Women with Disabilities – Human Rights, Health issues
  • Specific Allergic clinical symptoms of Pregnancy – key topics for Dentists
  • Family Violence – Responsibilities of Dentists and sighs of family abuse
  • Women’s health at the employment place – rights and employment rights
  • Women’s participation in decision-making process, economic activity

The goal of Georgian Dental Association is to use this high floor for sharing recent achievements of  Georgian healthcare sector with international partners. For this purpose the agenda will include:

  • Report of Elimination of “Hepatitis C” Program
  • The importance and involvement of Georgian dentists in Elimination of “Hepatitis C” Program
  • Research Report related to women’s health, conducted in Georgian research institutions
  • Present Georgia as Regional Leader of Women’s Economic Empowerment, Realization of Women’s Declared Rights and Women’s Health Issues

Format of the Forum will be semi-academic. The scientific part will include women’s health issues, while thematic meetings will focus on challenges to women’s rights, prospects, health and empowerment, and role of the dental and wider medical community in promoting the above.

This joint effort of Georgian and international professionals will greatly contribute to improved awareness  on women’s health issues, information sharing and cooperation among professionals.

Venue of the event is Sheraton Hotel. Around 500 delegates will attend the forum.


Georgian Dental Association (GSA)

Women Dentists Worldwide (WDW) |FDI World Dental Federation

Media support: Pulsi TV, Palitra TV

The event will be covered by all leading Georgian media outlets.


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  • On-Site registration: 300 GEL
  • Only Exhibition – 25 GEL

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