Training: Infection control in dentistry

As soon as the C hepatitis elimination program was launched in Georgia, Georgian Dental Association planned and provided some activities. Based on the In guideline “Infection Control in Dentistry” created at the Georgian Dental Association, in 2015 (in 2016 corresponding national guideline), with the support of the Disease Control and Public Health Care Center, training course was created on infection control for authorized individuals. Program was accredited by the Professional Development Council of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.

Presently, more than 4000 dentists, nurses and persons responsible for decontamination were trained under this program.

Person responsible for infection control is determined according to the regulation “About approving sanitary norms for controlling and prevention of the infections at public institutions while providing esthetic and cosmetic services” and #343 decree of the Government of Georgia about the technical regulations of high risk medical activity, dated July 10, 2010.

Training is held by the National Center for Disease Control and Health Care and Georgian Dental Association and corresponding certificates will be issued.

Trainings are led by the following individuals:

  • Ketevan Gogilashvili, President of the Georgian Dental Association
  • Zurab Alkhanishvili, Vice-president of the Georgian Dental Association
  • David Tsereteli, Chief specialist of the National Center for Disease Control and Health Care
  • David Kapanadze, Engineer of Medical equipments/devices

Educational program:

  • – hand hygiene of dental personnel;
  • – Role of the environmental objects surfaces at the medical institutions in spreading of infections;
  • – Factors effecting the activity of disinfectants;
  • – principal methods of disinfection:
  • – Pre-sterilizing clearing;
  • – Sterilizing;
  • – Sterilization quality control;
  • – Arrangement of decontamination environment – principal requirements;
  • – Cleaning, disinfection, sterilization of dental instruments – principal quality criteria;
  • – First stage of decontamination – manual/auto cleaning of instruments;
  • – disinfection of instruments, principal requirements;
  • – inspection of instruments;
  • – sterilization – types of sterilizers, monitoring of sterilizing stage;
  • – storing of sterilized instruments;


Working hours: 10:00-15:00 Participation fee: 50 Gel

For registration purposes, please contact:

Georgian Dental Association: 2 309 711 E-mail:

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Non-Entrepreneurial (non- commercial) Legal Entity “Georgian Dental Association”

TBC Bank

Account number: GE19TB1100000107700215 Identification Code: 205049534

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