Training – Hazardous Waste Management

Educational program:

  • – Requirements and key issues of Waste Management Code
  • – Liabilities to dental clinics, contemplated under the Waste Management Code
  • – Document for initial inventory of wastes
  • – Waste management plan (waste management plan of clinic and procedures for environment and agreement)
  • – Inspection, regulation and self-monitoring;
  • – rules for collecting, storing and managing of the wastes;
  • – classification of medical wastes;
  • – Rules for collecting and temporary storing of medical wastes;
  • – Manager for environment protection
  • – Waste management plan
  • – Marking and separated collecting of the wastes;


Zurab Alkhanishvili, DMD, MPH, MBA

Vice President of Georgian Dental Association


Working hours: 10:00-15:00 Participation fee: 80 Gel

For registration purposes, please contact:

Georgian Dental Association: 2 309 711 E-mail:

Bank essentials:

Non-Entrepreneurial (non- commercial) Legal Entity “Georgian Dental Association”

TBC Bank

Account number: GE19TB1100000107700215 Identification Code: 205049534 Bank Code: 220101850 Purpose: Full name and training participation fee