Child And Adults Endodontic

We think that creating the book about endodontic is one of the most important issues in uni-fied educational world, being directly connected with the development of this field, equaling it with European and American System and next step forward for keeping oral hygiene of our pop-ulation.

Book includes all the important and necessary issues, which is suitable and necessary for the independent practice of the endodontist, as of professional specialist. Book covers the structure of teeth soft tissues, diseases of pulpa and periodont in details, means for direct or indirect cover-ing of pulpa, medicines for antiseptic bondages and filling materials; international guide-lines/protocols about irrigation, irrigation devices and technologies. Manual and rotational intra-canal instruments and rules of their usage, preparation and modern methods of filling.

Book underlines important issues of pediatric dentistry. Book provides you with information about morphological features of the teeth among juniors, treatment and restorations among chil-dren and adults.

Important part of the book is dedicated to the traumatic injuries/lesions of deciduous and mo-lar teeth. All the international guidelines used by the leading clinics and educational institutions of the world, are also provided.

Book is based on up-to-date scientific evidences and is balanced with the requirements of professional educational standard, thus, following that it is based on modern guidelines, latest classification of nosology, we think that it will help undergraduate and postgraduate students, all dentists planning to receive or improve qualification in this direction.