Master Classes at Georgian Dental Association 14th Annual International Congress

On July 6-7, 2018 in the framework of the GSA 14th annual International Congress several master classes will be held

Small Meeting room – Orchid & Mimosa

July 6


Planning Prosthetic treatment from the point of view of the dental laboratory • Prosthetics on Astra Tech Implant System for partial and full Adentia, Practical demonstration – Eugeny Antyukhin, „Dentsply Sirona Implants“ Representative

  • Composing the plan of treatment
  • Additional methods of examination
  • How to choose the implant: small, narrow implants, indications and contraindications
  • Selecting the method of examination depending on pathology design and shape
  • Factors that influence the process of osteointegration
  • Specific features of surgical protocol
  • Wide variety of gingival formation for optimal contour of soft tissues
  • Hygiene and taking care after implantations
  • Clinical case of esthetic zones
  • Demonstration of implantation

16:00 – 20:00

Mobile Dental Photography (MDP): The New Era of Dental Documentation and Communication. – Prof. Louis Hardan, head of the restorative and esthetic department at Saint Joseph University Beirut (Lebanon)

The participants will learn how to take high-quality dental pictures and videos with mobile phones and Smile Lite MDP. The specifications of the cameras, the kind of lights used, managing the light, the accessories needed and how to use MDP for the smile design, will be explained in details in this course and workshop. The participants will see and apply how to do:

  • Anterior pictures
  • Posterior pictures
  • Simplified protocol for esthetic documentation
  • Artistic pictures
  • Microphotography
  • Polarized pictures
  • Double polarized pictures
  • Portraits
  • Half illuminated portrait
  • Calibrated pictures for communicating with lab technicians
  • Dental videos



July 7

Meeting room – “Lilium & Rose”



Direct Restoration of Upper 1st Molar – Kaplan Sheudzhen. General dentist, KOL GC Russia, GC, Restorative Advisory Board member. Dental Club Zeiss Member.

  • Anatomy of upper molars
  • Clinical case by using G-aenial Essentia
  • Practical work
  • Video demonstration and master-class – upper molars, class I, working on fantoms.
  • Video demonstration Restoration of class IV

Meeting room – “Lilium & Rose”


13:00 -16:00

Win Your Life … Win Your Endo … Challenge Accepted – Mariusz Pietzak , VDW opinion leader, Medical University of Lodz the Division of Dentistry

  • How to efficiently plan your treatment based on proper analysis and In-depth comparison of RVG and CBCT?
  • What is the most desirable way of field isolation in order to achieve a safe and aseptic treatment?
  • Gold standard of ergonomics in endodontics.
  • Did you ever have difficulties with canal searching? Canal MB2 doesn’t anymore have to be a Holy Grail.
  • Canal preparation with rotation or with reciprocation instruments. Be the winner – Win your endo!
  • STEP 3 – irrigation. Have you met EDDY?
  • How to avoid common mistakes in 3d canal system obturation? Comparison of different canal obturation techniques.

Meeting room – “Orchid & Mimosa”



Planning Prosthetic Treatment from the point of view of the Dental laboratory • Prosthetics on Astra Tech Implant System for Partial and fFll Adentia, Practical Demonstration, Renat Ayubov – „Dentsply Sirona Implants“ representative

  • Planning of prosthetic treatment from point of dental laboratories.
  • Prosthetic construction on implants.
  • ASTRA TECH Implant System in case of partial and complete teeth loss.
  • Prosthetic construction in esthetic zones.
  • Practical demonstration

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