NEW HANDBOOK PRESENTATION – Turn Your Clinic Into a Brand – Dental Office Management

ზურაბ ალხანიშვილი

In recent years, dentistry has been developing more and more in Georgia. The level of awareness of the personnel, patients and demand to the management, administration and services has increased. Increased competition incurred the necessity of quality development.

Issues regarding Infection Control and Radiation Safety were never as popular and important as they are now. Sharing of world practice naturally changes the attitude of the dentists, concept, view and attitude of the clinics.  On January 21, 2020, New textbook (Turn Your Clinic Into a Brand) presentation was held.

This handbook is for dental clinic managers, dental students, continuing professional education programs and practicing physicians. “Turn Your Clinic into a Brand – Dental Office Management” is the first Georgian publication that combines the basic principles of managing outpatient dental establishments. The guidelines, which are developed and approved by the Council of Experts of the Georgian Dental Association, are published for the first time.

The manual is approved as an academic textbook by the Academic Council of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and the Council of Experts of Georgian Dental Association (GSA).

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Zurab Alkhanishvili

DMD, M.P.H., MHlthProm, PhD Student at TSU, Vice-President of Georgian Dental Association. Author of 20 publications and three textbooks.

Ketevan Gogilashvili

Professor at TSU, PhD, President of Georgian Dental Association, Author of more than 100 scientific publications and eight textbooks.

Gvantsa Tabaghua

PhD Student at TSU, Vice-President of Scientific Research Center Radix.

Nino Gvasalia

PhD Student at TSU, Former President of Scientific Research Center Radix.

Alex Chikovani, Marketer

Tinatin Osepashvili, Digital Marketing Expert

Nino Andriadze, Associated Professor at Caucasus University