Oral Care

How Harmful are Energy Drinks for Your Teeth?

Energy drinks become increasingly popular,particularly in young people. But not everyone is aware how harmful they can befor teeth. In the last years more and more sportsmenuse sports and energy drinks. Besides improving their performance, athletesconsider it to be “healthier” than normal soda and fizzy drinks. Consequentlythey use it on daily basis. In fact, energy drinks can cause 3 times moredamage of teeth than other fizzy drinks. The reality is that sports and energydrinks are highly acidic. While they can really energize

Which Mouthwash is Better After Tooth Extraction

After tooth extraction, appropriate care should be taken to prevent infection and ensure uneventful healing. First of all, it means to use of antiseptic mouth rinse. It is unacceptable to clean extraction socket in any way. The idea of using antiseptic solution includes both removing food particles and preventing accumulation of bacterial plaque. Extraction socket is a hole in the jawbone which appears after the tooth is removed. Doctor cleans it up, removes damaged tissue and granulations and makes sure that