Training for Persons responsible for radiation safety

Target group:

  • persons responsible for radiations safety at the medical institution;
  • Qualification of the participants: higher medical education

Target goal:

Person working in medical radiation field or responsible for radiation safety in the future must be capable to control the issues under the radiation safety program:

  • inventory of ionizing radiation sources;
  • collecting and storing of radioactive wastes;
  • controlling of individual personnel dosage and data recording;
  • Instructing of the personnel;
  • Arranging and executing of emergency plans;
  • Executing of monitoring and quality control programs;


Improving of the knowledge of the doctors in general issues of nuclear and radiations safety, working in the field of medical radiation (dangers, rights, obligations, protecting of patients and population); taking of actions according to the plan arranged for the radiation accidents.


Corresponding certificate will be issued after the course based on successful written exam;

Participation fee: 195 Gel

Please contact for more information:

2 309 711 2 400 70

Training for Persons responsible for radiation safety